Parking Rates
​Parking Facility   ​  Monthly Rate
Corcoran St. Garage, Church St. Garage, Durham Centre Garage
Chapel Hill St. Garage
​         All Motorcycles $50.00
​         Buddy Space (Garage) $80.00
​         Non-Assigned $80.00
         Assigned - 8AM - 7PM $95.00
        Asssigned - 24 Hours - 7 Days a week $110.00
Morgan St. and Holland St. Mall Lot, when not leased to hotel $70.00
Morgan St. and Mangum St. Lot (Lot 14) $70.00
Morgan St. and E. Chapel Hill St. Lot (Lot 29) $70.00
102 Corcoran St. (Lot 20) $70.00
Lot 32   NA
City Hall Annex (Lot 39) $70.00
400 Cleveland St. (Lot 40) $70.00
Parrish St. and Church St. Lot (Lot 8) $70.00
Residential Parking - Reserved 24 hours, 7 days a week $110.00
The following rates apply to all vehicles including motorcycles: Effective February 27, 2017
Facility ​  Hourly Rate​ ​  Maximum for all day
Corcoran St. Garage $1.25 $13.75
Church St. Garage $1.25 $13.75
Durham Centre Garage $1.25 $13.75
Chapel Hill St. Garage $1.25 $13.75
E. Parrish St. and Church St. (Lot 8) Payment accepted at pay station $1.25 $13.75
Morgan & Mangum  (Lot 14) Payment accepted at pay station $1.25 $13.75
9th St. (Lot 10) Payment accepted at pay station $1.00 $11.00
W. Chapel Hill St. & Ramseur St. (Lot 32) Payment accepted at pay station $1.25 $13.75
Prepaid Parking Validations (Coupon per Hour) $125.00 Per 100 Coupons
Validation Coupons
Validation Coupons are sold in 100 hour increments at $125.00
Monthly Parking Permits

Customers may purchase monthly permits for designated parking garages or surface parking lots. Permits may be garage Key Cards, decals or tag based electronic permits. Monthly permits must be renewed by the 25th of each month. Please note that the number of permits sold is based on the number of parking spaces available. In many lots and areas, a waiting list exists. If you do not renew your permit by the last day of the month, there is a risk of your space being sold to the next person on the waiting list. To avoid a lapse, we encourage customers to enroll in automatic billing to a credit card.

Downtown Residential Parking Permits

PARKDURHAM offers monthly parking permits for downtown residents in the City’s parking garages and select surface parking lots. Proof of residency and vehicle registration will be required for eligibility.

Motorcycle Parking

Motorcycle Parking is only offered in the Chapel Hill parking garage at a rate of $50 per month.


The motorcycle's tag number is the parking credential and it is not be transferable. There will be a designated area in the garage for motorcycle parking only to facilitate the enforcement of this program. Enforcement personnel will verify that the tag number is valid for the current month and that the motorcycle is parked in the appropriate location. All motorcycles parked outside of the designated motorcycle parking area, registered or not, will be cited.